Lily Patterson discusses the inspiring life of Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann’s Inspiring Life as a Female Composer In our A Level music lessons, we’ve just finished studying Clara Wieck-Schumann’s Piano Trio in G minor Op. 17 Movement 1, written in 1846. She wrote it when she was going through a troubled time in her life, ill in bed due to her fourth pregnancy, looking […]

Ahren Bailey discusses the bittersweet ordeal of Bitter Sweet Symphony.

The bittersweet ordeal of Bitter Sweet Symphony   The Verve, from Wigan, England were not experiencing great success following the mediocre response to their first two albums however on 29th September 1997 the group’s lives were turned upside down. Their third album, “Urban Hymns” was instantly met with overwhelming success, knocking Oasis off of the […]

Ahren Bailey argues that Nirvana were feminists

Nirvana were a grunge band formed in Seattle in the late 1980s, with frontman Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl. They are known for kickstarting the “grunge genre” and their metal, indie and punk influences brought grunge into the mainstream. Their first album that included Dave Grohl on the drums was called […]

Angus Dresner discusses the state of modern popular music

The State Of Modern Popular Music Many people believe that music is not what it used to be. I believe that the quality of music has decreased overall from a multitude of factors. One of the biggest yet least recognisable factors is the lyrics of a song. Not only has the quality of the subject […]

William Gallagher of Year 5 blogs about The Barnardo’s Concert

This is a Blog on the Barnardo’s concert. On Monday the 24th of June me (and the and the rest of the choir) set out on a journey to London that would last until 12:30am. We got on the bus and the driver started driving to Birmingham. Luckily we didn’t go that far as the […]

Asa Monahan asks: Why is Music Such an Effective Conveyor of Emotions?

Why is Music Such an Effective Conveyor of Emotions? There are two types of basic musical scale: The major scale and the minor scale There are two theories I have decided to focus on that may answer why we associate major and minor keys with emotions. A theory of our association with this is that […]