U19s through to the Nationals!

The 1st VII Netball Team travelled to Nottingham for the Regional Netball Tournament. Game 1 v Uppingham – We knew this would be a close and tough game having lost to them 2 weeks previously. We went out strong and took advantage of a good start with a half time score of 6-2. Uppingham picked […]

Turkey’s Political Situation: Why you should be concerned. Blogs Hector

Turkey’s Political Situation: Why you should be concerned On April 16, 2017, Turkey narrowly voted yes on a constitutional referendum that gave substantial amount of powers to Turkey’s current president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He will have complete control of the military and budget, can appoint judges to the court at will, and can dissolve parliament at any […]

We need to talk about Donald, blogs Lottie.

Is it all “Fire and Fury”? And why do we need to stop jumping on the “I hate Trump” bandwagon?  If I was an American in 2016 I would have voted for Trump. Why? I disagreed with the ideas of Hilary Clinton.  Her policies didn’t address the  problems of blue collar America approach and her […]

Lara captures the Castle!

The boiler has broken at home. Yes, we have no heating. Yes, I wear 4 layers to bed. Yes, I hop awkwardly from foot to foot shivering while getting dressed. However much of a dreary and chilly experience this has been, it reminded me of a book I read (and quickly became obsessed with) over […]

Sophie blogs Netball and Cross Country Success.

Netball: The U15 A’s in the first weekend of the netball season saw Eve Reading excelling in attack, whilst Pippa Bradshaw received POM in the second game for her defensive play. U15 C had a tough afternoon on matches, but under the leadership of Lucy Porteus and Abi Higgins they made excellent progress throughout the […]

Calum blogs space travel: It’s destination Mars.

  Destination: Mars.   In 1969 when Buzz Aldrin first stepped onto the moon the world was in shock. A feat that had never been accomplished ever before and one that would unite the world under decisive times. Why was it so good? Well one example is that after the moon landing PHD intake in […]

Aragon blogs on Dance Showcase. Breaks Blog record for most pictures in a blog!

Showcase of Dance 2018 Blog The annual SHS Dance Showcase has once again provided the opportunity for dancers of all ages and abilities to come together for three spectacular evenings of entertainment. Throughout the Autumn term, girls from years 7-13 have worked tirelessly to choreograph their very own dances on the theme of “Children’s Books”. […]

Elliot Wade blogs about the Yr 11 scholars’ trip to Fitzwilliam College

With the trauma of the maths mock exam still fresh in their minds, 20 year 11s staggered from the hall to a waiting bus bound for Cambridge. A short ride later we had arrived at Mr Gloucester’s alma mater: Fitzwilliam College. We were there to explore the college, learn about student life and the mysterious […]

Elliot blogs persuasively about the problem with Plastics.

MARINE PLASTICS. 160,000 This is the number of plastic bags used per second. That is 5 trillion in a YEAR! That’s over 700 a year for every single person on the planet. It seems IMPOSSIBLE to stop using plastic as it is being used for so many things. So where does all the plastic that […]