Oscar Charles-Barks discusses corruption in the Mexican economy

  How corruption is negatively influencing the Mexican economy and what is being done to combat it. In popular media such as Narcos: Mexico and El Chapo, corruption is seen as one of the major problems that the government and people of Mexico have faced, Mexico ranking 138 out of 180 countries on the Corruptions […]

Oscar Charles-Barks blogs about the “Bottom Billion”.

The Bottom Billion- how they got to where they are and what can be done to fix it.   When watching the news, a concurrent collective of countries appear on the front page as areas of global concern. This is often due to the beginning of a new civil war, the beginning of a famine […]

Oscar Charles-Barks asks whether intellectual property should be abolished.

Should Intellectual Property be Abolished? “The US patent system adds the fuel of interest to the fire of genius in the discovery and production of new and useful things” Abraham Lincoln, former US President. This has long been the view of our modern society, protecting inventors’ ideas, what could go wrong? However, the system has […]