Sam and Harvey blog on seeing Romeo and Juliet at the Globe.

After studying Romeo and Juliet in class and researching a brief history of the Globe Theatre, the year nine pupils embarked on an English outing to London. An early meet time (7:00) meant that we had plenty of time to travel to London. After the uneventful journey, we walked a short way along the Thames […]

Samuel Barwise blogs on how Wilfred Owen writes about war

Dulce et Decorum Est ‘How does Wilfred Owen write about war?’   ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ is an extremely well known first world war poem written by Wilfred Owen. The poem was based on his horrifying experiences in the trenches of the ‘Great War’. Owen was an officer in the second Manchester Regiment with a […]

Ciaran Dolby blogs on Brexit.

For the past two years all we have been hearing is ‘Brexit’, but what is really going on with Brexit and what will happen to the U.K. after Brexit. Some see it as one of the U.K.’s biggest decisions in recent times and it could be the worst or best decision for the U.K. but […]

Rachel Blogs about ISGA 5 Piece National Gymnastics Championships

The ISGA 5 Piece National Gymnastics Championships took place on the 1st-3rd of March 2019 at St Catherine’s Bramley, Guildford. We had a total of 5 Stamford teams competing over the three days, all having qualified for this prestigious event in November. The Friday saw the U9 and U15 teams competing, both having excellent performances […]

Why Higher Income Tax doesn’t work. Winning ESU debate by Tom and Oscar.

This house would implement an upper rate of income tax of 70% on incomes over £5 million Ladies and Gentlemen, today my partner Oscar and I will be opposing the motion that “This house would implement an upper rate of income tax of 70% on incomes over £5 million”. I will be showing you why […]

Katie Graden Spence blogs about the complex recent history of Northern Irish Politics

Northern Ireland has a complex history and consequently, this has led to a unique political structure being developed. Assessing Stormont’s ability to govern is impossible without exploring the history of the Troubles, therefore I will address the political progress in Northern Ireland from the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. During the Good […]

SS hit 150 blogs! We’re catching SHS up!

Not that it’s a competition but Stamford High School have consistently been blogging more that Stamford School since the Blog’s inception.  However we’re catching up!   I know a lot of the lads like the Rugby Blogs, but we’ve also had a flurry of intellectual blogs from the scholars in the last few weeks.  So […]