Lottie Pike explores The Portrayal of Free Will in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

The Portrayal of Free Will in Shakespeare’s Hamlet   “Denmark’s a prison” – Hamlet (2.2.234) During the Elizabethan era, in which Shakespeare’s Hamlet was written, the public opinion was very much one of the belief in fate and the deterministic nature of the Universe. These views were often symbolised by a ‘wheel of fortune’, which […]

National Theatre at Home – “Jane Eyre” during global lockdown by Pavel Gulin Zrnic

National Theatre at Home – “Jane Eyre” during global lockdown by Pavel Gulin Zrnic  Coronavirus has significantly impacted theatres as they were on the frontline when all the public gatherings were banned which happened even before the whole country went on the complete lockdown. Many young performers within Stamford Endowed Schools including myself were directly […]

Darcey Sharpe asks if ‘Little Women’ is a feminist novel?

Is Little Women, by Louisa Alcott, a feminist novel? “Little Women” is a classic novel written by Louisa Alcott, which is based on her own experiences. As she grew up with three sisters, I would say that the novel is very realistic as it is known for presenting many of her personal viewpoints and is […]

Harry Laventure discusses: The Comic Tragedy of Emojis, Abbreviations and 1984’s Newspeak

The Comic Tragedy of Emojis, Abbreviations, and 1984’s Newspeak George Orwell’s “1984” may be not only one of the greatest works of Dystopian Fiction, but Fiction as a whole. The terrifying accuracy with which it predicted many aspects of the societies we live in today, though staggering, is widely known. Orwell depicts a nightmarish Totalitarian […]

Sam blogs about the Karl Nova workshop

After the talk, ten pupils had the chance to take part in a workshop with Karl. As soon as we entered the classroom, you could tell it was full of energy. Karl was so welcoming and had a great sense of humour. We could ask him anything about music, rap and poetry and he knew […]

Olly Blogs about the Karl Nova visit

On Thursday 28th November poet, author and rapper Karl Nova came into Stamford School to talk to Year 8 and 9. The talk started off with Karl introducing himself and he elaborated on his new book ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ which was published in 2017. Karl told us about the Clippa 2018 award in which he […]

Luisa Queiros blogs on the contemporary relevance of ‘Measure for Measure’

The RSC’s latest production of ‘Measure for Measure’ shows the 17th century classic remains astoundingly topical   ‘Who will believe thee, Isabel?’, asks a smartly suited Angelo to the young nun that squirms under his grip beneath a burning spotlight. ‘Fit thy consent to my sharp appetite’, he warns, ‘Or, by the affection that now […]