Ciaran Dolby discusses the flaws of socialism.

THE FLAWS OF SOCIALISM Whilst socialism seems to some people as an ideology of selflessness, compassion and community; it is actually the opposite. Socialists are so caught up in their own definition of selflessness that they deny their own proclivity to see other peoples perspectives. Often the argument is that without a factor of production […]

The Trial of the Mangrove Nine by Angharad Jones

The Trial of the Mangrove Nine In March 1968 Trinidadian Frank Crichlow opened his restaurant ‘The Mangrove’ in Notting Hill. At that time Notting Hill held most of London’s Caribbean population, becoming one of the city’s more international districts. With the Windrush generation arriving between 1948 to 1971, local residents feared newcomers would take their […]

Why a Capitalist economy is a better economy. By Ciaran Dolby

Why a Capitalist economy is a better economy. The economic system of free market capitalism, a theory traced back to the 18th century economist Adam Smith, is the only way for a nation to move forward –  economically and politically. It’s the idea that trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather […]

Should we prioritize exploring the ocean over space exploration? Asks Ciaran Dolby

Should we prioritize exploring ocean over space exploration? Asks Ciaran Dolby.   The question of space exploration versus ocean exploration is debated everywhere, and which we should prioritize more is a question everyone should be asking themselves. To understand which we should prioritize more, we should understand what we’ve learnt from both these areas of […]

Must art be beautiful? by Emily Laugharne

Must art be beautiful? When people go to museums or art galleries we are exposed to a vast range of both traditional and contemporary art. We find ourselves inexplicably drawn to certain pieces of art yet when asked why, often fail to describe the beauty or pull of the art. This is because it is […]

Sam Hughes reviews the last ten years of Parliament

Parliament Over the Past 10 Years – By Samuel Hughes Over the past 10 years, the UK parliament has witnessed many ‘crazy times.’ In 2010 we saw our first coalition government since 1945, a referendum which led to Brexit- a topic which still splits opinion today, and the resignation of David Cameron as prime minister […]

Talking in the Library: Episode 5. Sam Hughes continues his General Election interviews and speaks to Gareth Davies, the conservative candidate for Grantham and Stamford.

Blog Editors Note. Sam Hughes continues his interviews of the general election candidates for Grantham and Stamford and today he interviewed Gareth Davies, the Conservative candidate.  Interviews with both the Green Party and the Labour Party are also planned, whilst the interview with the Liberal Democrat candidate has already been vlogged. Sam has shown great […]