Laith blogs his study of Penguins in the Antarctic

Penguins in the Antarctic There are seventeen species of penguin, but only five live in the Antarctic: The Emperor, Adelie, Chinstrap, Macaroni and the Gentoo penguins. Adaptations Many species of penguin spend most of their lives in large groups of other penguins. A large group of penguins is called a rookery. They do everything together: […]

James Silcock blogs an exciting story of Diana across the ages

Year: 7th century BC Account by: Aeneous Sitting there, helpless, useless, selfish. The thundering footsteps of the Persians rained down above me. I was hidden, tucked away in a blacksmith’s underground workshop, crouching behind a cauldron. The occasional scream pierced through me like a needle, navigating its way down my spine. “Search everywhere” sounded the […]

The Year 7 Lads Blog their Camping Residential to the Peak District.

The Year 7 Camping Trip to the Peak District On our long trip to the camp site I was playing top trumps and story cubes with my friends when we stopped, and everybody got excited. “Are we there?” was the question everyone was asking. But to our great disappointment we still had 1 mile walk […]

Harriet Blogs her review of Damien Hirst’s art exhibition.

During the summer holidays, I have been to Norfolk with some close family friends for some birthday celebrations. We had lots of fun but the highlight for me was going to the Damien Hirst Exhibition at Houghton Hall. Damien Hirst is a famous artist, who creates amazing pieces of artwork, many of which have been […]