MG looks at “Mr. Nobody” and Choice

MG looks at “Mr. Nobody” and Choice   “I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid I haven’t been alive enough.” – Nemo Nobody   Mr. Nobody – directed by Jaco Van Dormael To what extent do choices matter? This is known as the philosophy of choice, the idea that we voluntarily make our own decisions […]

The Psychology of Aaron/Roy in Primal Fear (1996) By MG.

The Psychology of Aaron/Roy in Primal Fear (1996) By MG.   Primal Fear – directed by Gregory Hoblit The 1996 film “Primal Fear” starring Edward Norton and Richard Gere is a film that I find particularly interesting to discuss. Rather than looking at philosophy in this blog, I will be focusing on the psychology of […]

MG discusses Blade Runner and what makes us human.

MG discusses Blade Runner and what makes us human. The topic of humanity has been discussed for generations, with many arguing that our organic form is what makes us human – whilst others argue that our ability to empathise, to feel is what lends us our humanity. Many films discuss the question, “what it means […]

Donnie Darko and Determinism. By MG.

Donnie Darko – directed by Richard Kelly   The film has been described as a homage to “typical 80s classics” (despite being released in 2001). For those who have not seen the film – I particularly enjoy it as it discusses philosophical themes like Descartes’ mind/body dualism and many more which are fascinating to think […]

MG’s philosophical film reviews.

Films are a fantastic medium which can discuss many philosophical ideas and questions, especially the application of philosophy through film allows for the expansion of knowledge. I will be focusing on two films – Memento and The Matrix and explore some key themes in each of them.   Memento – directed by Christopher Nolan The […]

James Farrow blogs on the Spanish Trip

2020 Spanish exchange to A Coruña (12/2/2020 – 19/2/2020)   Wednesday Leaving after lunch on Wednesday afternoon, the journey began with the long bus ride to Heathrow airport, with a lucky stop at a service station along the way. With the arrival in Spain looming, everyone was excited, yet a little anxious, to finally meet […]