Asa Monahan asks: Why is Music Such an Effective Conveyor of Emotions?

Why is Music Such an Effective Conveyor of Emotions? There are two types of basic musical scale: The major scale and the minor scale There are two theories I have decided to focus on that may answer why we associate major and minor keys with emotions. A theory of our association with this is that […]

Lottie blogs about theology at the Oundle Festival

‘Does religion do more harm than good?’ – Oundle Festival of Literature trip On the evening of the 26th of April, a group of SHS students went with Mr Zacharias and Mrs Smith to attend a talk by acclaimed author and journalist, Rupert Shortt in which hee addressed the thorny question: ‘Does religion do more […]

Rob Chew blogs about the benefits of volunteering.

Second Helpings – Solving food waste and feeding people   Second Helpings is an environmental charity which operates in Stamford from the Methodist Church in Barn Hill.  It helps to solve two problems – food waste and people going hungry – by collecting food which would otherwise be wasted and cooking it up into nutritious meals […]

William blogs the Y9 Battlefield Trip

Stamford School 2019 Y9 battlefields trip By William Johnson   The 2019 battlefields tour was a very exciting tour. After a very early start we began our journey to Dover port. The journey was a long one at about 5 hours 30 minutes. During this time, many boys chose to either sit back and relax […]