Kristina discusses Harper’s Law and its significance.

Harper’s Law and its significance. Offenders whose crimes lead to the death of an emergency worker in the line of duty will receive mandatory life sentences, under a new law brought about by the death of police officer, Andrew Harper. The death of Harper prompted his widow, Lissie to campaign and Lobby the government to […]

Oscar Wordsworth reflects on his Arkwright Scholarship Journey

My Arkwright Scholarship Journey  Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are a national award that are highly respected by the top universities in the UK and having such a scholarship on your UCAS entrance forms will help you stand out from the crowd. I decided to compete for the Arkwright Scholarship as I have been interested in Engineering […]

Head Girl Holly Blogs about the opportunitites of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

My path to engineering. Starting in the Autumn term of Year 11, my journey began with the ‘Arkwright Engineering Scholarship’. It looks for those who are interested in an engineering-based career, and the next generation of leaders in ‘engineering, computing and technical design’. Over the Christmas holidays I completed an online application based on my […]