Yola explains how the brain changes to learn new skills

How your brain changes to learn a new skill   In the article I’m going to discuss how your brain changes to learn a new skill including on a cellular level and how superhighways are formed, I will discuss the difference age can make when learning a new skill,  go into depth about why you […]

Lucy Williams blogs her new poem – Greedy Tarantula

Greedy Tarantula   I anticipate I anticipate the silent shifting of footsteps, for the flustered fumbling of rubble down in the burrow, and her squinting eye to occlude.   My friend doesn’t notice me much, but I always have my eyes on her. I am a camera with eight orbicular lenses, as I wait, poised […]

Ruby Joyce blogs her new poem – Hagfish

Hagfish I am a hagfish, I am the greatest creator of slime I prefer not to fight a fish with a fine tail swish Though the taste of it would be sublime! I eat within the hollow bellies of the beasts These creatures are quite the feast I know my favourite dish Small worms and […]

Ada Armes blogs her new poem – Shark

Shark I am waiting for you. I have been swimming all morning through the deep and not eaten. I am lurking at the bottom of the deep near the dusty floor that sweeps on endlessly. I am ravenous, it is midday, I found no fish. I am very fierce without food and although my fins […]

Jess Tinton looks at the Labour Party’s attitude towards nuclear weapons.

The Labour Party and nuclear weapons.   The Labour Party are against the notion of abolishing nuclear weapons and believe that keeping the current Trident programme is a sensible economic, social, and political decision for the UK. However, as the elected leader on a platform opposing Trident renewal, Corbyn has stated that he was not […]