Should we abolish sweatshops? Asks Ella Spradbury

Should we abolish sweatshops? Asks Ella Spradbury. Sweatshops are characterised as ‘workplaces with very poor, socially unacceptable or illegal working conditions’ – the work may be difficult, dangerous, climatically challenging or underpaid; in order to maximise the firms’ profits and consumer’s satisfaction. The ugly side of globalisation has revealed reputable brands, such as: Adidas, ASOS, […]

Can Communism and Capitalism coexist? asks Nicole Villani

Can Communism and Capitalism coexist? By Nicole Villani There have been various discussions over whether Communism and Capitalism can live together in harmony. The first thing to consider when posed with this question is what are they? The Oxford dictionary states that Capitalism is an economic and political system in which the country’s trade and […]

Scarlet Todd asks can we end poverty by just giving poor people money?

Can we end poverty by just giving poor people money?   Recently I read a very inspiring and thought-provoking book called ‘Utopia for Realists’ by Rutger Bregman. Bregman is a Dutch Historian and Author. In this book he discusses highly implementable ideas in which to improve and solve world social and economic issues such a […]

Scarlet Todd explains Doughnut Economics

What is Doughnut economics? Social media posts, news articles and reports about: climate change, social inequality, corruption, poverty, not forgetting global pandemics sway us to believe the world is doomed. I couldn’t help but wonder where did the world go so wrong? And, what can we do it make it right? This led me to […]

Talvin Gill – How Globalisation grew Singapore’s Economy

How globalisation grew Singapore’s economy Once a country with high unemployment, low sanitation and almost no natural resources, Singapore now boasts a higher GDP per capita than the USA. Singapore’s development can be seen as extraordinary as a country with almost no aid managed to create themselves one of the most stable economies in the […]

Oscar Charles-Barks blogs about the “Bottom Billion”.

The Bottom Billion- how they got to where they are and what can be done to fix it.   When watching the news, a concurrent collective of countries appear on the front page as areas of global concern. This is often due to the beginning of a new civil war, the beginning of a famine […]

Andy Kot blogs an economical analysis of climate change in both English AND Chinese

Climate change, and society’s response to it, presents risks that could impact our monetary and financial stability objectives. Financial and economic risks can arise from events such as floods and droughts, e.g. insurance firms facing higher claims. Risks can also arise in the transition to a low-carbon economy, like changes in government policy and technology. […]

Talvin Gill asks whether cargo ships are damaging the environment?

Are Cargo Ships killing the Earth? Is the world changing at a reckless and destructive rate? A study from Conservation international shows that the carbon dioxide concentration of our atmosphere is the highest it has been for three million years proving that climate change is an undergoing threat to our society. This petrifying figure is […]