Noah and Thomas tell us all about the Junior School Scotland Tour!

Scotland tour report. On the 31st of October a large majority of year 6 and year 8s made their way to Peterborough train station to head to Edinburgh. Although the train journey was long, we enjoyed chatting to are friends and talking about the trip ahead. However, when the snack trolley came along I think […]

Evie Armes and Millie Musion reflect on the eMagazine Literature Conference 2019

English and Media Centre: 6th Form English Literature Conference 2019   English Literature students from Y12 and Y13 attended the eMagazine Literature Conference 2019. The conference is held annually and covers a variety of areas of the literary world. Literature is not always to be taken so literally, and this was evident at the conference. […]

Washington Blog/Vlog Post 2: Congress, Lincoln and singing!

“Here are a few videos and pictures of our time in Washington.  What a time we had.” Edward Wurr Link 1 – What we made of Congress: Washington Video 1 Link 2 – Students Singing: Stamford Boys Singing the Blues! Link 3 – Students Walking Quickly: We are walking quickly Mr Tuck! Link 4 – […]

SHS South Africa Hockey Camp; Netball Tour 2019 – Day 2 & 3

Day 2 – Cape Canopy Tour by Yola Brand and Isobelle Lawrence At the start of the day everyone was filled excitement but nerves at the same time. After the early morning it made to be a very quiet journey to the canopy tour. After our quick debriefing for the safety we set off up […]

SHS South Africa Hockey & Netball Tour 2019 – Day 1

After a long night’s travel, we landed in Cape Town for our two week tour at 11am; spirits were high throughout the group despite having a very limited amount of sleep on the plane.  We stopped off at the local mall to enjoy some much-needed food and were all surprised at the wide range of […]

Kasia blogs the Classics Trip

On Tuesday 18th June, the year 9 and 10 Latin sets visited Copthill School for a morning of Classics activities. We started off in a maths classroom, learning about Roman numerals. The year 6s were challenged to create the longest word they could in Roman numerals that made a valid number. This proved more difficult […]

William blogs the Y9 Battlefield Trip

Stamford School 2019 Y9 battlefields trip By William Johnson   The 2019 battlefields tour was a very exciting tour. After a very early start we began our journey to Dover port. The journey was a long one at about 5 hours 30 minutes. During this time, many boys chose to either sit back and relax […]