CCF Blog Army Section Field Exercise

CCF Army Section Field Exercise On the 14th & 15th October 2018, The Senior Army cadets conducted manoeuvres on Yardley Chase Training Area, Northamptonshire, a one time formal parkland, then ammunition depot, ultimately a Site of Special Scientific Interest and training area. Persistent heavy rain had been booked using Army Form 57643B/4578, as every cadet […]

Caleb Jeff talks Petrol and the Perkin’s Global Engine Development Team!

After a week with Perkin’s Global Engine Development Team, Caleb outlines the key differences between gasoline and petrol engines. Firstly, diesel engines don’t have spark plugs: the air is let into the cylinder and compressed, when you compress something it heats up. In this case, the air heats up to usually at least 500°C. The […]

Sports Reports

Hockey at SHS Match Reports week 6 U13 A We travelled down to play the Perse, we knew it would be hard but we went in determined. The game started off with it being neck to neck and both teams playing exceptionally. Eva did a great run down the line passing all defenders straight to […]

The Year 7 Lads Blog their Camping Residential to the Peak District.

The Year 7 Camping Trip to the Peak District On our long trip to the camp site I was playing top trumps and story cubes with my friends when we stopped, and everybody got excited. “Are we there?” was the question everyone was asking. But to our great disappointment we still had 1 mile walk […]

Sports Reports

Sports Reports U13 C On Saturday the U13 C team played hockey against Wisbech grammar school, despite the freezing weather, we won 9-0. Amelie Betts was chosen as the player of the match, it was a well deserved choice because she scored a number of goals and attacked brilliantly. The C team played well (probably […]

Breanna blogs about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Right or Wrong?

Medicinal Cannabis: The Debate. Why? Recently in the news, there has been the story running about “12-year-old Billy Caldwell to be treated with medicinal cannabis at home after emergency licence issued”. This is a story about a boy who suffered from a rare case of epilepsy. He was living in London, where he was being […]

New Scientist Live! Helena Blogs from London.

New Scientist Live   A couple of weeks ago, together with my parents and friend, Charlotte Wren, I visited the New Scientist Live exhibition at the ExCel in London. The event ran over four days, with over 100 exhibitor stalls and more than 120 speakers from various scientific backgrounds giving talks throughout each day. The […]

Ed blogs on Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball   Being able to play wheelchair basketball was a real opportunity for me. It really opened my eyes to the vast opportunities out there. Fully abled or disabled, we both have so many different sports to give a try. But we couldn’t have been able to try this outstanding sport without the massive […]

Rosie blogs on the importance of language in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

How does Shakespeare make Act 1 Scene 1 of ‘The Tempest’ an effective opening to the play? Look closely at how Shakespeare uses language.   An audience attending what they thought to be a romantic and light-hearted play would have been shocked by the violent and dramatic nature of the opening scene of the Tempest. […]