The choice is yours – an original poem by Amelia Callun

The choice is yours A path is laid out ahead, It forks before your feet A decision filled with dread, Uncertain of what you’ll meet. I didn’t know just what to be For Halloween this year. I thought about an alien, But chose a buccaneer. A game full of chance, Of many hidden pit falls. […]

Lucy Williams blogs her new poem – Greedy Tarantula

Greedy Tarantula   I anticipate I anticipate the silent shifting of footsteps, for the flustered fumbling of rubble down in the burrow, and her squinting eye to occlude.   My friend doesn’t notice me much, but I always have my eyes on her. I am a camera with eight orbicular lenses, as I wait, poised […]

Ruby Joyce blogs her new poem – Hagfish

Hagfish I am a hagfish, I am the greatest creator of slime I prefer not to fight a fish with a fine tail swish Though the taste of it would be sublime! I eat within the hollow bellies of the beasts These creatures are quite the feast I know my favourite dish Small worms and […]

Ada Armes blogs her new poem – Shark

Shark I am waiting for you. I have been swimming all morning through the deep and not eaten. I am lurking at the bottom of the deep near the dusty floor that sweeps on endlessly. I am ravenous, it is midday, I found no fish. I am very fierce without food and although my fins […]

Sophie Warman blogs her new poem

I am hollowed of my morale, I tremble cowardly, It whispers heavily into my ear like a hissing snake, The cry of a wolf howling in the void as the trees waver, stumbling, in the frosty breeze, Maroon red drapery violently screams as if being sucked into the abis, Mahogany floorboards groan deeply and the […]

Sean blogs a New Year Poem

New Year Poem By Sean Jennings – Y8   The soft snow melts under foot A major transition takes place The sun shines through the parting clouds Comes a new year to embrace   The birds start to spread their wings And dart across the skies While soft crunches in the snow are heard As animals open their eyes   The trees […]

Rory blogs his poem: 2021 – A fresh start

2021 – A fresh new start   By Rory Cullen – Y8   C for close contacts of COVID 19,  O is for Outbreak, because that’s what we’ve seen,  V is for virus, a tiny living thing,  I for immunity, which 2021 will bring,  D for disease, no more ‘19’ for us,  We’ve all had enough, […]

Rufus Bennett writes a poem about 2020 and 2021!

2021 Poem    By Rufus Bennett – Y8   2020 was a miserable year,   Controlled by a pandemic that goes by the name of a beer.  Lockdown here, lockdown there,  It really was a year we could not bear.  Conflict over Biden or Trump,   It got me in a bit of a grump.  Despite all of […]

“Story of Coronavirus – From Bat to Global Crisis” A poem by Anna Smith

Story of Coronavirus – From Bat to Global Crisis   When it started, Schools departed. All those that wheeze, We thought diseased. Spread like black death, Shortness of breath. Measures we take, Global outbreak. Epidemic, New pandemic. Social distance, Drug resistance. Working from home, Tracker on phone. Contact tracing, Threats we’re facing. Vaccination? Isolation. Less […]