“Tolerance is overrated.” Do you agree? By Sophie Farr

“Tolerance is overrated.” Do you agree? By Sophie Farr Tolerance is the vital foundation of our civilised and modern world. Tolerance is defined by the acceptance of difference. Famous examples of intolerance haunt our societies: the Holocaust, witch-hunting, LGBTQ conversion camps and the Jim Crow Laws are all atrocities that were centred around contempt towards […]

Jess Tinton looks at the Labour Party’s attitude towards nuclear weapons.

The Labour Party and nuclear weapons.   The Labour Party are against the notion of abolishing nuclear weapons and believe that keeping the current Trident programme is a sensible economic, social, and political decision for the UK. However, as the elected leader on a platform opposing Trident renewal, Corbyn has stated that he was not […]

Donnie Darko and Determinism. By MG.

Donnie Darko – directed by Richard Kelly   The film has been described as a homage to “typical 80s classics” (despite being released in 2001). For those who have not seen the film – I particularly enjoy it as it discusses philosophical themes like Descartes’ mind/body dualism and many more which are fascinating to think […]

MG’s philosophical film reviews.

Films are a fantastic medium which can discuss many philosophical ideas and questions, especially the application of philosophy through film allows for the expansion of knowledge. I will be focusing on two films – Memento and The Matrix and explore some key themes in each of them.   Memento – directed by Christopher Nolan The […]

Lottie asks: What is Truth?

What is truth?   One may argue that truth is a matter of utility – an ideology or proposition is only true if it’s useful to believe. Truth and knowledge allow us to lead our lives in the most practical ways possible. For example: carbon monoxide being harmful to humans has lead engineers to install […]

Lottie blogs trip to Peterborough Cathedral and Kingsgate Church.

Philosophy and Ethics trip to Peterborough Cathedral and Kingsgate; 22/6/18 On Friday the 22nd of June, the Year 10 Philosophy and Ethics students had the opportunity to go on a school trip to two Christian places of worship: Peterborough Cathedral, a Church of England cathedral built in the 13th century; and Kingsgate, an incredibly modern […]

Year 9 Blog Peterborough Cathedral Trip

Y10 Peterborough cathedral and Kingsgate church visit Friday 22/6/18 “The best part was finding out what an actual Christian thinks as opposed to learning about general Christian views…I still don’t understand how Christians decide which parts of the Bible to take literally.” “I was really surprised at how open the priest was about his beliefs […]