Thomas Watson blogs on Cherenkov Radiation

When a plane goes into super-sonic speeds a sonic boom is heard. The sound/pressure waves produced by the aircraft lag behind it (Fig 1.1), and as the waves are not faster than the super-sonic plane. The waves interfere with each other constructively, creating a large pressure wave which we hear as a distinctive boom. The […]

Thomas Watson blogs on asymmetry in the early universe

Asymmetry in the early universe One of the biggest un-solved problems in physics is why there is more matter than anti-matter. The mere fact that matter exists shows us that we do not know what happened in the early universe – in those first few seconds. It is theorised that in the early universe the […]

Thomas Watson blogs his analysis of The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy:

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy: The 2ndlaw of thermodynamics is extremely important regarding how the universe works. In fact, the whole idea of an arrow of time is due to the 2ndlaw and entropy. The work of Sadi Carnot, Rudolf Clausius, and Lord Kelvin allowed us to understand how heat transfers from one body […]

Tom Watson blogs on Quantum Phenomena and the Physics of Lasers

As many of you will know, electrons are not like planets orbiting their respective nucleus – the Rutherford-Bohr model was proven to be incorrect in the 1920s by Schrödinger and Heisenberg – but are rather act like a cloud. To be able to understand the atomic model, we must first look at the Uncertainty principle. […]

Thomas Watson blogs about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity vs Quantum Mechanics

In the early 1900s Albert Einstein released two papers that changed the way we perceived the universe forever. The first of these papers to be released (1905) was ‘The theory of Special Relativity’, the second (released 1915) ‘The theory of General Relativity’.  However, the groundwork for the next great theory was already in motion before […]