Olivia blogs #EqualiTeas

EqualiTeas  As a woman, I believe we have progressed hugely since we first gained the vote for women over 30 in 1918 and then all women over 21 in 1928. However I still feel that there is a long way to go to achieve full equality between men and women. EqualiTies allows us to share, […]

Lottie blogs trip to Peterborough Cathedral and Kingsgate Church.

Philosophy and Ethics trip to Peterborough Cathedral and Kingsgate; 22/6/18 On Friday the 22nd of June, the Year 10 Philosophy and Ethics students had the opportunity to go on a school trip to two Christian places of worship: Peterborough Cathedral, a Church of England cathedral built in the 13th century; and Kingsgate, an incredibly modern […]

Jonty, Melissa and Jacob blog about competing at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Royal Society of Chemistry – Schools Analyst Chemistry Competition – 20/21 June, 2018. On a warm summer’s morning, perfect conditions for a 4-hour drive (in sports mode in the school car), we departed from Brazenose carpark equipped with the finest school lunches money (£3) could buy.  Our western adventure started well leaping through the county […]

James and Teddy blog trip to Stratford

Year 7 blog their English trip to Stratford!   The Workshop: The first activity of our day in Stratford was a workshop on “The Tempest” with our instructor Robin from the RSC. We started with some warm-ups to get us moving. Next we had to embody a monster in groups of 5. We had to […]

Year 9 Blog Peterborough Cathedral Trip

Y10 Peterborough cathedral and Kingsgate church visit Friday 22/6/18 “The best part was finding out what an actual Christian thinks as opposed to learning about general Christian views…I still don’t understand how Christians decide which parts of the Bible to take literally.” “I was really surprised at how open the priest was about his beliefs […]