Emily Doe talks us through the US Presidential Election 2020

The US presidential election 2020 The US elections are very different from the ones in the UK, in this blog I will be giving an understanding on how these elections work, but also suggesting how factors such as pandemics are disrupting campaigning and how this vast interrupt could have a knock on effect in November. […]

Noah and Thomas tell us all about the Junior School Scotland Tour!

Scotland tour report. On the 31st of October a large majority of year 6 and year 8s made their way to Peterborough train station to head to Edinburgh. Although the train journey was long, we enjoyed chatting to are friends and talking about the trip ahead. However, when the snack trolley came along I think […]

William Gallagher blogs about Strange Matter.

The Strangest Things in the Known (And Probably Unknown) Universe: Strange Matter What is Strange Matter? Well, the building blocks of Particles, (there are different building blocks of Particles like different quarks) they are called Quarks a force so strong that humans can’t pull them apart, because it would take an infinite amount of energy […]

The Blog Hits 400! But which is your favourite one ask Ollie?

400 Up! As we near the end of the second academic year of its life I am pleased to report that the SES Blog has just hit 400 Blogs Posts!  The Stamford Endowed Community is rightly proud of the safe forum that it has provided for students to begin to find their digital student voice.  […]

William Gallagher of Year 5 blogs about The Barnardo’s Concert

This is a Blog on the Barnardo’s concert. On Monday the 24th of June me (and the and the rest of the choir) set out on a journey to London that would last until 12:30am. We got on the bus and the driver started driving to Birmingham. Luckily we didn’t go that far as the […]

Jacob Harte Double Trophy Win!

Jacob Harte is over the moon with this weekend’s work as he managed to win two different trophies for two separate teams in two different tournaments!   The first was for Nottingham Forest Development Centre A team and the second was for the One Touch Football School.  Both trophies involved Jacob playing in tournaments and he […]

Stamford Junior School students Blog about their Italian Day!

SJS Modern Foreign Languages Day 2019   On Thursday, 14th of February, SJS celebrated Modern Foreign Languages Day. This has become part of Stamford Junior School’s traditions and we are all very lucky to have a whole day dedicated to a different culture each year. This year, the focus was on Italy – Il Bel Paese– The beautiful […]