Jamie Broom argues that ancient languages should not be allowed to die.

Don’t turn off the life support: why ancient languages should not be allowed to die ‘Latin is a language, as dead as dead can be; it killed off all the Romans, and now it’s killing me’. So goes the ever-popular chant, the song of the unhappy school-child, slogging their way through the third declension. But […]

James Broom shares his metal detecting experiences, thus far.

Metal Detecting – my experiences, thus far The first field for which I attempted to obtain permission for was a large field, on a steep hill ascending towards the primary school which stands on the site of the old manor house. The field is used mainly now for grazing sheep, but in 1642, 1,300 parliamentarian […]

How to get started in metal detecting. James offers the definitive guide.

Metal Detecting  – How to get started Although almost everyone has heard of it, metal detecting is a difficult hobby to get into. The law surrounding it can be quite complex and intimidating, and the vast array of equipment is hard to get your head round. However, once you take the first steps, it becomes […]

James Broom explains the exciting world of metal detecting.

Metal Detecting  – A  general overview The small village in which I live is unremarkable, like so many hundreds of others all across the country, and yet it is still a historical and archaeological goldmine. Many of the houses in the village are seventeenth century, with a few even going back to the sixteenth and […]