Chloe Tinton warns against the dangers of TikTok

TIKTOK: GLOBAL SENSATION THAT COULD BE RUINING OUR GENERATION   TikTok has become a drug to my generation. They crave the temporary escape from the dreary reality of the world outside the screen. The app that started as a method of promoting normal people has taken a turn for the worst. With now over 800 […]

Thomas Needham explains how the sky is no longer the limit.

The sky is no longer the limit: Future of air power. Airpower consists of the application of military aviation, military strategy and strategic theory to the realm of aerial warfare and close air support. From Spitfires and the battle of Britain to 5th generation F35’s airpower has remained at the heart of any major conflict […]

Lottie Leonard discusses the North-South divide

The North- South divide and its current impact. This topic is constantly argued and debated over its current relevance and whether it still poses as much of an issue as perhaps it has been in the past. However, it is a more complicated topic than it appears on the surface when you begin to read […]

Sophie Warman blogs her new poem

I am hollowed of my morale, I tremble cowardly, It whispers heavily into my ear like a hissing snake, The cry of a wolf howling in the void as the trees waver, stumbling, in the frosty breeze, Maroon red drapery violently screams as if being sucked into the abis, Mahogany floorboards groan deeply and the […]

Kasia Middleton explains Pompeian Wall Paintings

Pompeian Wall Paintings Pompeii is famed across the globe for its remarkable preservation, amusing graffiti, and lewd paintings. That said, if one visits the town, and a splash of colour greets the eye on entering a domus, the most we get out of it is usually marvelling at the paint’s vibrancy. The plethora of wall […]

Should illegal immigrants, entering the UK, be treated as criminals? Ask Ella Spradbury

Should illegal immigrants, entering the UK, be treated as criminals? This question poses ethical difficulties for a problem that is orientated around policies which must be used for everyone. There are various arguments, judgements and opinions but ultimately I believe the question of safety, security and liberty is the sovereign power which should dictate any […]

The Trial of the Mangrove Nine by Angharad Jones

The Trial of the Mangrove Nine In March 1968 Trinidadian Frank Crichlow opened his restaurant ‘The Mangrove’ in Notting Hill. At that time Notting Hill held most of London’s Caribbean population, becoming one of the city’s more international districts. With the Windrush generation arriving between 1948 to 1971, local residents feared newcomers would take their […]

Why a Capitalist economy is a better economy. By Ciaran Dolby

Why a Capitalist economy is a better economy. The economic system of free market capitalism, a theory traced back to the 18th century economist Adam Smith, is the only way for a nation to move forward –  economically and politically. It’s the idea that trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather […]