Lara captures the Castle!

The boiler has broken at home. Yes, we have no heating. Yes, I wear 4 layers to bed. Yes, I hop awkwardly from foot to foot shivering while getting dressed. However much of a dreary and chilly experience this has been, it reminded me of a book I read (and quickly became obsessed with) over […]

Elsie finds delight in the Infernal Devices! Book Review Blog.

Somehow, between the masses of homework, matches, training, TV watching and generally trying to live a life whilst going to school, I manage to read. I really like reading. I love the characters and the experiences they have. But don’t worry, this isn’t just some school language lesson were I talk about why I like […]

Year 7 Tanisha Patel book review of ‘Wonder’

This book review is about the novel Wonder by R.J Palacio, an upsetting story about a 10 year old boy called August Pullman. August has a facial disfigurement and he has never been to a real school before, but this year his parents think it is a good idea for August to start 5th grade, […]

Emilia Nico reviews Wolf Brother!

Wolf Brother is a book from the chronicles of ancient darkness written by Michelle Paver and was published in 2004 by Orion children’s books; the other five books are called: Spirit Walker, Oath Breaker, Outcast, Soul Eater and Ghost Hunter. It is about a boy called Torak who goes on an adventurous journey to the […]