Caitlin Brown argues why psychology should be compulsory at GCSE

Why Psychology should be Compulsory at GCSE Psychology is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. The human brain is a complicated place and at times we can feel lost inside our own minds; not knowing where our behaviours come from or what we can do to suppress or encourage them. Picture all […]

Scarlet Todd offers solutions to climate change

My solutions to climate change Climate change is a hot topic now, in fact literally. With invasive rising sea levels, droughts, extreme weather and increasing numbers of natural disasters people are starting to feel on edge. The biggest culprit leading to the accelerating baking of our earth is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. An article […]

Ahren Bailey argues that Nirvana were feminists

Nirvana were a grunge band formed in Seattle in the late 1980s, with frontman Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl. They are known for kickstarting the “grunge genre” and their metal, indie and punk influences brought grunge into the mainstream. Their first album that included Dave Grohl on the drums was called […]

Oscar Wordsworth reflects on his Arkwright Scholarship Journey

My Arkwright Scholarship Journey  Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are a national award that are highly respected by the top universities in the UK and having such a scholarship on your UCAS entrance forms will help you stand out from the crowd. I decided to compete for the Arkwright Scholarship as I have been interested in Engineering […]

Scarlet Todd discusses mental health in the school curriculum

Why I believe schools should include mental health development in the curriculum . Mental health is a big topic at the moment and rightly so as for a long time it has been a area of little discussion which meant many people suffered in silence. I believe that positive mental health should be developed in […]

Eva Roseblade explains why the human heart never gets tired.

If the Heart Is a Muscle, Why Doesn’t It Get Tired? The heart is the most important muscle, its function being to circulate blood around the body to supply oxygen and nutrients such as glucose, which is required for respiration, to the tissues and remove carbon dioxide and other waste products such as urea. On […]

Mia Taylor asks why girls are less likely to take maths and physics at A level.

Why are girls less likely to take maths and physics at A-level? There are many reasons why students take a subject at A-level. Some choose subjects that they need to pursue a certain career path, others take a subject because they enjoy it, some take them because they are inspired by a previous teacher and […]

Caitlin Brown discusses the smartphone addiction epidemic.

The Smart Phone and Social Addiction Epidemic The world is suffering from a smartphone addiction epidemic. Humans are spending more time glued to their phones each day, and children as young as four years old are clinically addicted to technology. Clearly this is a problem. More time spent on our phones means we have fewer […]