Lilly-May Blogs Drag Racing!

The Schools are here Malcolm Sargent (MS) and Stamford Junior (SJ) The racers are getting ready, driving around the hay bails Natasha Williams donated to us for SJ. The crowd are cheering on their teams! The drivers for each teams are: Sassy Mandy George India Tomas And let me assure you they are swift! Now […]

Manus blogs about Grasshoppers!

Grasshoppers are insects of the suborder Caelifera within the order Orthoptera, which includes crickets and their friends in the other suborder Ensifera. They are actually the oldest living group of chewing herbivorous insects, dating back to the early Triassic around 250 million years ago. Grasshoppers are typically ground-dwelling insects with powerful hind legs which enable […]