How conservative is our current government? asks Nathaniel Sole-Potter

How conservative is our current government? Boris Johnson held a general election on the 12th of December 2019 and since then he’s been given free reigns over legislative power as he won with a significantly stronger majority of approx. 80 seats in the commons, compared to the period of minority government with Theresa May from […]

Nathaniel Sole-Potter discusses National security law in Hong Kong

Amongst the busy news recently, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of people miss some quite important news regarding China and a new law they’ve drafted to impose on Hong-Kong. Recently, I had a Q&A session with Tom Tugendhat MP who’s the chair of the foreign affairs committee and during the session, lots of questions […]

Nathaniel Sole Potter Blogs about the attack on Free Speech.

The attack on free speech So, we’re in 2020, our country is in the most progressive state it’s ever been. I believe with progression, comes liberty. But do I believe that liberty is under threat? Yes, I do, not from government or higher power but by society. As society becomes more PC (politically correct), it […]

Nathaniel Sole Potter discusses the case of Dominic Cummings

The story of Dominic Cummings So, it’s been hard to avoid the public’s discontent with Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, Dominic Cummings after it was found that he had driven to Durham from his home in London, days after nationwide lockdown was initiated. So, what were the reasons he thought he should drive up there? In […]