Is Social Media running Politics? Asks Tom Needham

Is social media running politics?   Social media has now become a major part of everyone’s lives with it being accessible through phones which can now travel with us where ever we go. Social media has become an integral part of UK politics with Most MP’s and political journalists having an account. This leads to […]

Olivia Sansom asks how violence in the Gaza Region has increased in recent weeks.

How has the violence in the Gaza Region increased in recent weeks?   Throughout history the Gaza region has been an area of dispute between Israel and Palestine. The conflict erupted in 2005 with the election of the Islamist political party Hamas in 2005 and 2006. Much of the world call Hamas a terrorist organisation. […]

Jack Scott examines the “One country, two systems” rule for Hong Kong.

How has China broken the ‘one country, two systems’ rule for Hong Kong and what have been the repercussions? Introduction HK was given to the British Empire in 1842 from China, after they lost the first Opium War. Originally the colony was just the Hong Kong Island, but its area was expanded twice (after further […]

Jess Tinton looks at the Labour Party’s attitude towards nuclear weapons.

The Labour Party and nuclear weapons.   The Labour Party are against the notion of abolishing nuclear weapons and believe that keeping the current Trident programme is a sensible economic, social, and political decision for the UK. However, as the elected leader on a platform opposing Trident renewal, Corbyn has stated that he was not […]

The Abortion Debate by Ciaran Dolby

The Arguments of abortion. The topic of ‘Pro-Life’ versus ‘Pro-Choice’ has been one of the most pressing questions in the modern world, it regards human rights, socio-economic backgrounds and the woke world we live in. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. This means the destruction of an embryo, foetus or […]

Will the UK last much longer? by Emily Doe

Will the UK last much longer? by Emily Doe. Devolution in the UK is the process by which central government in Westminster delegates power to other levels of government.  In the UK, the creation of devolved institutions in the regions 20 years ago saw a massive transferal of powers and responsibilities away from the centre.  […]

Chloe Tinton warns against the dangers of TikTok

TIKTOK: GLOBAL SENSATION THAT COULD BE RUINING OUR GENERATION   TikTok has become a drug to my generation. They crave the temporary escape from the dreary reality of the world outside the screen. The app that started as a method of promoting normal people has taken a turn for the worst. With now over 800 […]

Lottie Leonard discusses the North-South divide

The North- South divide and its current impact. This topic is constantly argued and debated over its current relevance and whether it still poses as much of an issue as perhaps it has been in the past. However, it is a more complicated topic than it appears on the surface when you begin to read […]