Andrew (Y9) blogs a Christmas poem he has composed.

A Magical Time of Year.   It is that glorious night called Christmas Eve, a time when you really do need to believe. Children everywhere are full of excitement and glee, hoping that some magic they will see.   The white snow crashes gracefully onto the Earth’s crust, it looks like it’s been covered over […]

Jack Pacey (Y11) blogs – in Spanish – on the importance of learning languages.

La importancia de aprender lenguas y por qué las estudiamos (English version below) Las lenguas hacen que el mundo funcione. Han desarrollado y cambiado con el tiempo. Al principio sólo había una lengua; el idioma del cuerpo. La gente tenía que mostrarlo que quería usando sus manos (para demostrar) en vez de sus palabras. Nadie […]

Nanotechnology, amino acids…and a genie emerging from a tea pot. Rohan Anand and Will Smith (Year 13) blog on Chemistry in Action at Warwick University

On Wednesday 8th November, 86 students from across the SES Chemistry Departments ventured out to the University of Warwick to attend the Chemistry in Action day. The day was packed full of inspiring talks from speakers from universities across the country. The day started with a Nanotechnology talk by Jamie Gallagher from the University of […]