A wonderful collection of Freedom poems by Emily, India, Jess, Ben, Brooke, Seb, Mila, Sophia, Amba, Maddy & Elise.


Emily Morris


Free Leaves


To me, the cars are bears

People are giants

And houses are planets

The other oak trees are my neighbours

And I am one of many leaves.


Gushing winds blow us around most of the time

And some of my family and friends

Fly off and land on the rough ground.


Laughter surrounds me when children play

With my family,

I hear them crackling beneath the children’s feet

But I am not ready to fall off yet.


I hang there on my stalk

Waiting, waiting, waiting…


From that moment I knew that my family

Would turn into trees of their own.


I began to sail through the air

Not knowing where I was going

Or what was going to happen.


Landing softly on the ground

I had a certain feeling of excitement,

That in a couple of years’ time,

I was going to become a tree.



India Barrasso




Freedom is being on a beach with sunlit silence,

Running your fingers through the depths of the sand.

It’s a fresh flower in a misty grave yard,

A blossom of a butterfly leaving its cocoon.

Freedom is a cloud bending down to pick you up,

It’s like a long forest with a dot of light shining through,

There are giant towering trees at the end of the forest floor,

Waiting for you to come.

It’s a happy soul in the middle of the sea,

A hungry wave splashing against the shore.

It’s a river with no ending,

A stream leading to nowhere.

Freedom is a golf ball being launched across a fresh field,

It’s a never ending path leading to the wonders of a rainbow.

As free as a wild animal,

As free as the sea.




Jess Tinton


What does it mean to be free?


To me, being free means

Going to Norfolk

With all the fresh air

Walking along the sea edge

Who knows where!


To be free it means

Being on my own

But of course with my dog

Just me and him

Sitting on a log.


To be free it means

Splashing in the rock pools

Finding all sorts of things

Crabs, fish and lots of shells

One time I saw something with wings!


To be free it means

Silence, space and happiness

Trees swaying almost in time

The sound of rushing waves

If I had a choice I’d be here full-time.


That is what freedom means to me; sitting by the edge, just Jakey and me.




Ben Saunders




An open meadow lies ahead,

A small breeze blows by.

No one here to watch me,

As I look up at the sky.


A bright sun is shining,

In a sea of cloudless blue.

Feet sink into the grass,

Free from sock and shoe.


I can truly be myself here,

I can sing and dance and run.

Birds tweet in unseen trees,

As I lie here in the sun.


But somewhere there’s a voice,

A distant person I can hardly hear.

I strain my ears to listen,

And it starts to become more clear.


It’s someone calling my name,

I feel my world being whisked away.

No singing birds or gentle breeze,

Cold harsh air, no gentle rays.


Students stare wild-eyed,

“Ben, Ben, are you listening Ben?”

“Yes!” I mumble, thinking of the meadow,

Wishing I could go there again.




Brooke Fleming


My Kind of Freedom


Climbing cushion mountain,

Flying my sofa plane,

Sliding down snowy stairs,

Exploring the jungle garden,

Capturing alien insects,

Leaping across the lava floor,

Hiding in my table cave,

Bouncing on my moon trampoline,

Snuggling in my spaceship bed,

Who knows where I’ll wake up?




Sebastian Goold


Usain Bolt – Free From the Pack


As I set myself up on the blocks,

My body felt as if in permanent lock.

Tensions were building. I was so close, but yet so far,

To achieve my dream I had to raise the bar,

Bang! The gun went. In my chest my heart was


Adrenalin rush! From the crowd, roars sounding.

This was it, at my peak, no more looking back.

Striding out, pulling away, I was free from the pack.

Scanning left and right, I felt no fear.

Glancing up, glimpsed the finish line drawing near.

Dipping my head, flying across the line,

I, Usain Bolt, the champion. The gold was mine.





Mila Gorner


Flight to Freedom


If I were a bird,

I would spread my wings

And fly

Above all the hatred

And pain,

That isn’t present in the sky.


I would fly past

The barbarity

The world has to offer,

I would glide past

The destruction

And wonder, why we bother?


I would break free from

The shackles

And forget the angst


Relishing the summits where

Worries never go.


If I were a bird,

I would soar up high,

To know that freedom

Wasn’t just a lie.




Sophia Mattera


The Fight for Freedom


Freedom is what the suffragettes fought for,

To fight for the right of women to soar.


Freedom was found through hard work and flight,

Thanks to the efforts of the brothers Wright.


Don’t forget about our brothers in arms,

Who fought for our freedom until the break of dawn.


Who could forget about Rosa Parks,

Who saw the light, when all was dark.


Maybe we could learn a lesson or two,

From those who fought for the many and

Not the few.


Fight for freedom for all.




Amba Tilney


All the Same but Different


“A las estrellas mi pequeña princesa”

In Barcelona, Artists cover the paved streets,

The evening seems to be the favoured time.

Avid shopaholics continuing to accumulate receipts,

Amid the hustle and bustle, no one hears the chime!


Passing through the buzzing alleys, I see Casa Mila in

The distance…

The night here is so beautiful, more beautiful

Than any other in existence!


“Aux etoiles ma petite princesse”

Paris, known as the city of love and compassion,

The evening seems to be the favoured time.

Sweethearts, lovers, the capital of fashion.

Words effortlessly flowing, like the Seine, almost

Too beautiful, it could be a crime!


Through the trees I see it twinkle, The Eiffel Tower…

I’m speechless for once!

The night here is so glamourous, more glamourous

Than any other in existence!


“Alle stele la mia piccolo principessa”

I love the Italian culture, flamboyant, family and food!

The evening seems to be the favoured time…

Everybody dining together for hours, no matter the mood!


Above the canopy, street lights glow covering a vast


The night here is so lively, more lively than

Any other in existence!


“Tare o mate mara ochi rayakumari”

Kumarakom, a heaven on earth, free of worries,

The evening seems to be the favoured time.

Sunset boat trips – the majestic backwater journeys.

An experience one treasures dearly for a lifetime!


As I lean over the railing, I see the sun floating

In the clear blue brilliance,

The night here is so peaceful, more peaceful

Than any other in existence!


“To the stars my princess…”

I was sat in my garden one evening when a

Meteor shower began…

The twinkle caught my eye as dozens of starts

Shot across the sky!

Thousands of diamonds illuminate the

Black satin sheet above me.

I looked up above me and saw the most

Beautiful sight, two people I love dearly.

It was as if they were watching over me…

Maybe they had been for 12 years but I was

Too busy watching the world in front of me.

Two starts, the brightest in the sky sat next

To each other right above my head. Tears

I cried until no more tears formed.

A feeling of immense joy came over

Me. I found my free place, my safe place.

Every country where everything is different,

Everything is the same; a feeling of warmth

And security, as long as my stars shine.




Maddy Baillie




Giggling, smiling, watching, sleeping!

The first journey of a new, untouched life.

No hurt, no pain. Just being!

Those days I long for before this strife

Freedom, freedom, freedom…


Running, leaping, playing, discovering!

That blissful ignorance stays so sweet –

No worries, no cares. Just living!

My childhood self, I’d love to meet

Freedom, freedom…


Working, thinking, paying, stressing!

No longer new. But older and wiser.

The pain. The heartbreak. So overwhelming.

Longing to reverse the time. Forever.



Aching, ageing, hurting, dying!

Slumped in a chair for days on end.

The worries. The captivity.

Wondering. When will this end?



Elise Chowdhury




Free to work in silence

Free to scythe the grain,

Free to feel the slash of whips

As they bound me up with chain.


Free to exist as a number

Free to be a slave,

Free to dance unto their tune

‘Til they released me to my grave.


Free to know my worthlessness

Free to know I’d lost,

Free to suffer throughout that life

With my freedom as the cost.


It’s hard to know what freedom is

When you’re born to be unfree,

But I felt it at once, that afternoon

As I swung there from the tree.