Sam Hilder begins a series of blogs chronicling his studio tech group’s reproduction of Motorhead’s ‘A Line in the Sand’

Studio Technology: A Line in the Sand by Motörhead

Recently in Studio Tech we began the production of Motörhead’s A Line in the Sand. The first week of production was the plan. Here we listed the number and type of instruments required and listened carefully to the smallest detail on the original track so we can reproduce the authentic sound of the song.

The song consists of a number of parts / instruments: drums, guitar, bass and even smaller hand-held devices such as the “egg”.

The drums were the first to be recorded last Thursday. We took four minutes to record this instrument and used a standard dynamic microphone for the snare, an egg like dynamic microphone for kick or bass drum and finally two overhead small condensers. With these we can record the perfect, stereo sound.


The final thing that we needed to do was create a new microphone setup for the drums – something we had never done before. We kept the snare drum mic the same but we moved the kick mic out of the kick drum to its outer skin, and then we moved our two overhead microphones directly over the kit so they were pointing straight down. Interestingly we used Mr Gray’s tie to make sure they were equal distance from the snare!

In future sessions we will be improving on the sound of the drums with the EQ and our digital mixing tables.

Sam Hilder (Y10)