German Exchange student Lena Schemmann visited England and wrote (in English) about her home city, Bonn.

Visit Bonn!

Bonn is a very beautiful, pretty City by the river Rhine. It is near the big city Cologne but Bonn is smaller, more quiet and has a nice atmosphere. In summer you can relax, enjoy the sun and have a picknick or something like that with your friends, because the landscape is very pretty. The next river is the River Rhine. You can go on a boat trip on the River Rhine and enjoy the view of the Seven Mountains and the vineyards. Of course, you can have a wine tasting.

If you are interested in history Bonn and Cologne have a lot to offer: Cologne Cathedral, the ElDe-Haus (a prison in Nazi times), the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, Beethoven’s birthplace, or the bunker in Ahrweiler.

Bonn is of course world famous for Haribo. There is a supermarket full of Gummibaerchen. Adults should try Koelsch – the local beer.

This local beer is especially enjoyed during carnival, when the streets are crowded by people in costumes. There are lots of parades and parties.

Once in a lifetime everyone should visit the Rhineland. We look forward to welcoming you in Bonn.