Alessio gives the Blog an exclusive report on Charity Rock.

Charity Rock This year, House and Charity Rock came back bigger and better than ever before. With a night jam-packed with guitar shredding and crowd surfing, the night was certainly not one to miss. The event kicked off with the house rock competition, judged by none other than Mr Gallop and Mr Davies. Ancaster, Brazenose, […]

James Blogs the first Model United Nations entry.

China’s View on the Israel and Palestine Issue   The resolution of Palestine and Israelis relations after the partition of the country into two separate entities.   China is supportive of Palestine and they have stated they look forward to taking a more increased role in managing the Middle East issue. China believe in the […]

JJ Blogs about what it’s like to coach a Year 8 Rugby Team in SS 100th Blog!

What it’s like to coach a Year 8 rugby team?   Rain was lashing down, the wind howled and the mud underfoot had been chopped and churned so much that you couldn’t work out if you were on or off the pitch. It had been a long, hard, grueling game. Relentless phases of defense had left the team bloodied and […]

Lest we Forget. Charlotte blogs of The Heroes of Arnhem.

LEST WE FORGET – THE HEROES OF ARNHEM The granddaughter of a Hero Paratrooper involved in the Battle of Arnhem laid a wreath for hundreds of his fallen comrades at an annual commemoration. Charlotte O’Reilly’s grandfather, John, was one of only 36 of 603 who made up the 156 Parachute Battalion to return from Arnhem. […]

A level Chemistry Spectroscopy workshop Blog by Jacob

A level Chemistry Spectroscopy workshop On the Monday before half term, both Stamford School Year 13 A Level Chemistry sets visited the University of Nottingham for an afternoon of analytical chemistry. In our A Level course we learn about three analytical techniques: Infrared Spectroscopy (IR), Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR). In […]

A new poem from Lara: costa rica

costa rica her wrinkled brown skin seems to reflect the green of the tropical leaves and her disappointment as she pushes a t-shirt against her washboard; a t-shirt printed with Old Glory, the image cracked from overuse. in the town, advertisements for the Generican Dream are plastered on shops like garish gift wrap obscuring the […]

Comet the Common Frog! A blog by Tanga

Comet the Common Frog! *(Rana temporaria) *Scientific name My name is Tanga and I am in year 5. My blogs will be focusing science and nature. I enjoy learning about dinosaurs and zoology. I am a member of the University of Cambridge Zoology Museum. How I met Comet I met Comet when I was walking […]

Girls Go Gold!

Girls Go Gold On Friday 14th September, a group of 10 girls from Yr10-11 headed down to Oxford for a sport conference based on Girls Go Gold. Having had a very early start, we were warmly welcomed to Tudor Hall where the Girls Go Gold event was being hosted. Our first session of the day […]

As it was. A poem by Luisa Queiros

  As it was Memories painful, sickeningly sweet Children’s whispers – playful, discreet Paths I knew A stranger treads, Railroad tracks Disconnect in my head Glinting daggers, wartime skies, Cross my heart, hope to die. Luisa Queiros