Zara blogs about the German Exchange

                                      German Exchange Trip: Monday 29th Oct – Monday 5th Nov All the SES, Year 10 students had a very early morning on Monday, waking up at 2/3 o’clock in the morning, lugging their suitcases all the […]

James learns lots by helping others as part of D of E.

My DofE Experience This Monday I went over to SJS to teach young children about the science of colloids in science club which I volunteer for as a part of my DofE (Duke of Edinburgh award). Science club is led by Mrs Britton, myself and my fellow volunteer Callum Worthington and we teach year four […]

Francesca blogs the eeriest piece of creative writing…

There, sitting daintily on a three-legged stool was the eeriest person I had ever seen. She was a woman, as tall as she was thin with bones protruding from every nook and crevice in her angular body. She was sitting rigidly in her chair and her bare feet were tapping a staccato rhythm into the […]

Francesca blogs a sliver of description.

Crammed carelessly in between sheer white cliffs is a town of towering turrets and sun scorched stone. A slate grey river meanders lethargically through the drowsiness winking at any stray civilians and providing a welcome relief on the eyes from the otherwise constant faded brown. Silence smothers the buildings like a heavy blanket on a […]

Kasia blogs an exquisite description of Çavuşin

In a Turkish desert scorched by sun, planted into the sand and resembling as sandcastle made by God himself, sits dusty little Çavuşin. The anthill turrets point to the azure sky, made by the same dust that they sit upon. Idyllic, sequestered streets wind around the towers like a boa constrictor around its prey. At […]

Lottie blogs trip to Peterborough Cathedral and Kingsgate Church.

Philosophy and Ethics trip to Peterborough Cathedral and Kingsgate; 22/6/18 On Friday the 22nd of June, the Year 10 Philosophy and Ethics students had the opportunity to go on a school trip to two Christian places of worship: Peterborough Cathedral, a Church of England cathedral built in the 13th century; and Kingsgate, an incredibly modern […]

What’s the point of seeing in colour? Kasey explains all in great blog.

What’s the point of seeing in colour?   Or, more specifically, why do we see in trichromatic color? (trichromatic is the 3 color slider that you sometimes see on the computer and by changing the percentage of red blue and green you can make any colour.) Or, even before that, why are we sight-based creatures […]