Creative writing: Two interesting perspectives from Maria, Maddy, Eva + Anna, Olivia and Jess.

Based on the gospel story where Jesus heals a sick woman (Luke 8)

Strolling through my never ending pain, I see the beauty that was him: Jesus. He squeezes the hands of the sick and they are cured. All I want in the world is to be good again, to have my life back again. The life that was stolen my this disease. I join the crowd. A congregation of people with the same desire yet he chooses her. People have been here longer than her, sicker than her, but he chooses her. We were all trying to get a touch, that was all we want. While going to heal her someone else tries to grab his cloak – she feels that she deserves him more. The power drains from him and yet the crowd still follow. How greedy we are in this world.

By Maria Veidemane, Maddy Barratt and Eva Baker

The Red Hooded Girl

The mornings were always the hardest. My stomach almost digested me from the inside. I have no food, I am breathless and my body is exhausted. I feel like there aren’t many days left in me. I am struggling to stop my legs from giving in and collapsing beneath me. If I do not eat I think I might just fall apart. I wish I had someone to talk to.

The darkness is coming earlier this winter. I am struggling to feed myself now that the berries are scarce. I fear that I may end up like Benjamin.

Today I smelt the scent of human’s food. The lonely cottage in the woods was giving off the fresh aroma of baked bread. It made my stomach groan louder than ever before. I feel like I am starting to make stupid decisions.

I have no choice.

I have to eat.

by Anna Smith, Olivia Dixon and Jess O’Herlihy