A poem by Jasmine Withers – ‘The Fire’

The fire


I am undefeatable

Everyone tries to beat me

But no one succeeds

I burn. I break. I kill.

And no one can stop me

I start as a spark

I light up the dark

In a deadly and dangerous way

People are entranced by my flames

My suffocating smell

They are rooted to the spot with fear

Until it is too late

Only then they start to run

As I reach them

As I surround them

As I kill them

I am fire


I watch as my teddy burns , its eyes melting.


I watch as my home combusts

The memories of Ice cream and hugs and bedtime stories

Destroyed in the flames

I watched my as my dad tried to fight it

I watched as my mum tried to protect me

I watched the flame beat them

I watch, a helpless child, as my parents slip away

Into the world of the dead

I watch as the flame turns to face me

I close my eyes

Wanting to be with my parents again

Wishing away the fire

The fire


By Jasmine Withers year 9