James Everitt blogs about The Chemistry of a Hangover

The Chemistry of a hangover   What is a hangover? It is the illness or sickness related to the consumption of excess alcohol characterised by aching everywhere, general illness and of course the famous headache. Most of these symptoms are the result of the impaired kidney function that the consumption of alcohol leads to. Our […]

James Everitt explains Planck’s constant

How does Planck’s constant effect our everyday lives and how would things change if it had a different value? Planck’s constant is named after the German physicist Max Planck, who devised the idea for atoms to only be able to vibrate at set frequencies (quantised values). This is often credited as the first theory of […]

James Everitt blogs on UV/Visible Spectroscopy

UV/Visible spectroscopy relies on the interaction of molecules with electromagnetic radiation mainly in the ultra-violet and visible parts of the spectrum. This electromagnetic radiation according to quantum theory acts as both a particle and wave, known as wave-particle duality, it is this particle nature that allows electromagnetic radiation to interact with electrons and allow us […]

James Everitt blogs on electron movements behind UV/Visible spectroscopy

The electron movements behind UV/Visible spectroscopy by James Everitt. Electrons reside in orbitals around an atom. The most basic of these are the s and p orbital. Every electron shell in an atom contains one spherical shaped s-orbital which when it combines with another to form a bond forms what is known as a σ-bond […]