Freddie Pacey blog about the formation of Rome and The Regal Period.

The formation of Rome and the Regal Period Introduction: If one was asked about Rome, they would probably bring up the likes of Julius Caesar or Marc Antony. Thanks to Shakespeare, among others, those two men have been immortalized and will forever be studied. However, Rome span for over a millennia and even longer if […]

Freddie Pacey blogs about The First Triumvirate.

The First Triumvirate Gaius Julius Caesar, Gnaius Pompeius Magnus and Marcus Lucinius Crassus or, as they are more aptly known: Caesar, Pompey and Crassus. These three men complete the first triumvirate in Roman History. All three of these men were wealthy, powerful and ruthlessly ambitious. Like many famous alliances it was through discourse that these […]

Freddie Pacey blogs about the Margaret Beaufort archaeological dig in Collyweston.

Margaret Beaufort: Archaeological dig  In early July there was an archaeological dig in Collyweston with the intention of finding a lost royal palace that belonged to Margaret Beaufort – the grandmother of Henry VIII. The dig lasted over multiple weekends, I attended the first Saturday of the dig for five hours in the pouring rain. […]

Freddie Pacey separates fact from fiction in his analysis of 300.

300: Fact and Fiction 300 was directed by Zack Snyder who adapted the story from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. It was released in 2007 and outshone its budget at the box-office by around four times the amount, garnering an impressive 456.1 million dollars. The film depicts the events leading up to and including the battle […]

Freddie Pacey blogs about the characters and ideologies within ‘Legally Blonde’

The Characters and Ideologies within “Legally Blonde” Legally Blonde is a film made in 2001, directed by Robert Luketic and starring Reese Witherspoon. It was adapted into a musical and performed in 2007, introducing a multitude of impressively memorable songs. Both the theatrical and film version focus around Elle Woods; a young chairwoman of the […]