Is Technology Ruining Lives? Asks Annie-May,

Is Technology Ruining Lives? Picture the scene: you roll out of bed and you hear that ding from the other end of your room. Your mobile phone. We all love getting messages from friends, likes and comments on Instagram or even just getting an alert that Charlie Demelio has posted a new Tick Tok dance. […]

Soliloquy in the Style of Lady Macbeth by Sophie Farr

Soliloquy in the Style of Lady Macbeth A quick glance never harmed anyone.. I’m not a murderess; I am no thief. This is what is right. If that professor didn’t want me at Oxford, that paper wouldn’t be blatantly beckoning me. Hours, weeks, months of work, and finally, I will get what I deserve! My […]

Olly Blogs about the Karl Nova visit

On Thursday 28th November poet, author and rapper Karl Nova came into Stamford School to talk to Year 8 and 9. The talk started off with Karl introducing himself and he elaborated on his new book ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ which was published in 2017. Karl told us about the Clippa 2018 award in which he […]

Abby blogs a short description of the Oasis in Chapter 1 of Mice and Men.

A Short Description of the Oasis in chapter one of ‘Of Mice and Men’ By Abby Moyse The sun’s harsh rays beat down, pushing through the gaps in the luscious jade canopy of the droopy sycamore, stippling the ground beneath with a shadowy pattern. Desert grass framed a still, cyan pool, glistening in the heat. […]

12Cs beat Bedford Modern at Netball – read the match report.

U12 C Netball v BMS The team got off to a steady start against BMS and narrowly led 2-1 after the first quarter. The team worked well together in the next quarter to extend their lead to 6-1. After half time Bedford made a determined effort in attack with good movement and quick passes. Stamford […]

G Scoular blogs her poem ‘Straight A’s’

Straight A’s   A bright, wide smile on my shining face. A vivid red satchel weighed like bricks on my shoulder. A building of expectation, friendship and terror. A blurred year of blissful unawareness. A shroud of wild webbed willow encasing me. A muffled giggle of the cackling crow. A warm breeze, gently playing about […]