Scarlet Todd offers solutions to climate change

My solutions to climate change Climate change is a hot topic now, in fact literally. With invasive rising sea levels, droughts, extreme weather and increasing numbers of natural disasters people are starting to feel on edge. The biggest culprit leading to the accelerating baking of our earth is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. An article […]

Talvin Gill asks whether cargo ships are damaging the environment?

Are Cargo Ships killing the Earth? Is the world changing at a reckless and destructive rate? A study from Conservation international shows that the carbon dioxide concentration of our atmosphere is the highest it has been for three million years proving that climate change is an undergoing threat to our society. This petrifying figure is […]

James Farrow blogs on intergenerational conflict

On the 23rd of November 2019, I attended a subject master class lecture at Cambridge University in the Lady Mitchell Hall. This was an introduction and an exemplary lecture one would experience if they attended Cambridge University. David Runciman Professor of Politics started the session and he explored the intergenerational conflict within politics; a fitting […]

Grace Kendall asks why isn’t the amount of waste we produce slowing down?

Why isn’t the amount of waste we produce slowing down? Recently I attended a lecture delivered by Professor Danny Dorling, where he spoke about the extent to which he believed the human race is slowing down. I was very intrigued by the title of his lecture and the concepts that he was talking about were […]

Ahren Bailey asks if we need a digital services tax?

Digital Services Tax and Digital Permanent Establishment Reforms Overview As our modern world is constantly evolving and changing, current tax laws are struggling to keep pace with it. Businesses are becoming more digitalised and the current tax rules have not adapted to take account of such change. Digital companies are expanding and capturing profits created […]

Talvin Gill – Is immigration important for the United Kingdom’s economy?

Is immigration important for the United Kingdom’s economy? – Blog post An immigrant is defined as a person who permanently moves to a foreign country to live there. Immigration has been a controversial point for the UK especially with the arrival of Brexit. Immigration can and has impacted the economy in various ways and is […]

Nayana Mould blogs about the Ribblehead Viaduct

During half term, I visited Ribblehead viaduct, a crucial section of the Settle-Carlisle railway in the beautiful yet unforgiving North Yorkshire landscape. I have often visited this impressive structure as much of my family live in surrounding areas, however this time, I was inspired to research how such a remarkable thing was built and what […]