The Terracotta Army

Words cannot convey the shear scale of the place.  The warriors were built to keep the 3rd Emperor safe in death.  Totally extravagant and completely bonkers!!!  They were discovered by some local farmers going about their daily business, to date only 2000 have been completely restored.  Work is still ongoing.

A day in traditional China

What a day!! We were cooked a meal in a chinese home, it was fabulous.  The hutong rides were awesome, we saw so much of traditional China….. what a difference!  Apparently the area we were in was extremely affluent and expensive.  It is where many of the last emperor’s staff went to live, including the […]

Day 1, China

Well, we have arrived safely!  Despite all being desperate for a shower and rest we are straight out to the Temple of Heaven for a visit whilst our cases head for the hotel! The Temple of Heaven Park is located in the Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is the largest and most representative existing masterpiece among China’s […]

James blogs notes on an eccentric shopkeeper!

Notes on an eccentric shopkeeper And then, quite by chance, I ended up stumbling out of the bus, into an overgrown mini-park. A rusty red telephone box stood in the corner, shrouded by a tangle of messy brambles. “Aha,” I thought, now I could call for help, but alas the iconic British telephone box has […]

Hugh Dalrymple (Y11) on the growing prospect of becoming a cashless economy

Are We Moving Towards a Cashless Society? At the time of writing, on the 15th October 11:59pm, Britain phased out out the long-serving £1 coin, for it to be replaced by the new 12 sided coin. Not long ago, the crinkling £5 note was renewed and now the £10 note has followed suit. These expensive […]