“Story of Coronavirus – From Bat to Global Crisis” A poem by Anna Smith

Story of Coronavirus – From Bat to Global Crisis   When it started, Schools departed. All those that wheeze, We thought diseased. Spread like black death, Shortness of breath. Measures we take, Global outbreak. Epidemic, New pandemic. Social distance, Drug resistance. Working from home, Tracker on phone. Contact tracing, Threats we’re facing. Vaccination? Isolation. Less […]

Chloe Smyth blogs, Pushkin: an interpretation and analysis of ‘Friendship’

Pushkin: an interpretation and analysis of ‘Friendship’   By Chloe Smyth   Что дружба? Легкий пыл похмелья, What is friendship? An easy hangover, Обиды вольный разговор, Resentment-free conversation, Обмен тщеславия, безделья The exchange of vanity, idleness Иль покровительства позор. Or the shame of patronage.     Following my last blog post, I decided to analyse […]

Chloe Smyth interprets and analyses a poem of Pushkin

Pushkin: an interpretation and analysis of a short poem   By Chloe Smyth   I have always been interested in the works of Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet, novelist and short-story writer who wrote in the early 19th century of Russia, in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some of his more famous works include Ruslin […]

Rosie Harvey Blogs original poetry.

DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE Dangerous knowledge, Crucial to keep the key safe; A channel to seek.   Weaving in circles, Lacing a gossamer web, Fusing day and night.   Faith conquers caution, A heartbeat to hesitate; Light touch and soft breath.   Dangerous knowledge, Crucial to keep the key safe; Betrayed by your eyes.     By […]

Sixth Form Poetry Competition Winners + Runners up.

Sixth Form Winner Rosie Harvey   Call of the Sirens Beautiful creatures Musical call on the waves; Enchanting delight   Luring us closer A force too strong to resist Angelic Deceit   Desperate Struggle Carnage our violent fate; Seduced to the grave     Lower School Winner Billy Wegg   Saxophone Opening night, My saxonphone […]

G Scoular blogs her poem ‘Straight A’s’

Straight A’s   A bright, wide smile on my shining face. A vivid red satchel weighed like bricks on my shoulder. A building of expectation, friendship and terror. A blurred year of blissful unawareness. A shroud of wild webbed willow encasing me. A muffled giggle of the cackling crow. A warm breeze, gently playing about […]