Abigail blogs about the Autumn Concert

The Autumn Concert by Abigail McKee On Wednesday night (28/11/18) I performed in the Autumn Concert at the OE hall, along with many of my friends. It was a very enjoyable experience for all involved, a particular highlight for me was performing in Percussion band playing Brazil and Street Song. I was playing the glockenspiel […]

Lottie Blogs about the Musical Festival 2018 (pictures to follow)

2018 SHS Music Festival took place on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th January with just over 110 performances.  The external adjudicator, Mrs Catherine Summerhayes was extremely impressed. ‘I really enjoyed it.  Immensely talented musicians, wonderfully supported by Music Staff.  I was so impressed by the talent and the kindness and politeness of the pupils.  I […]

Rosie Harvey Blogs an eclectic list of music to revise to.

The Best Music for Revision Like most people, I understand from experience the pain of not being allowed to listen to music while working or revising at school. Who doesn’t love humming along to a good bit of Beyoncé whilst doing a descriptive writing passage, or even the best of Queen while working out algebraic […]