Kitty Hawthorne blogs about a global water shortage

Global Water Shortage   As the world faces more and more environmental problems, one essential, and often forgotten about problem is water. With an ever-growing population, an increased demand for agriculture, climate change and overuse of the finite resource, the lack of clean, fresh water becoming available should be more of a concern. Globally there […]

Nayana Mould blogs about the Ribblehead Viaduct

During half term, I visited Ribblehead viaduct, a crucial section of the Settle-Carlisle railway in the beautiful yet unforgiving North Yorkshire landscape. I have often visited this impressive structure as much of my family live in surrounding areas, however this time, I was inspired to research how such a remarkable thing was built and what […]

Grace Kendall discusses if biofuels are the future of energy

Grace Kendall discusses if biofuels are the future of energy. Everyone knows that burning petrol is very bad for the environment, but it is an inevitable necessity for modern life. Roughly 74% of all people over age 17 in the UK own a car and on average a car emits 6 tonnes of CO2 (a […]

Grace and Darcy blog Year 12 Geography Field Trip

Y12 Geography Field Trip to Wales Write-up By Grace Newton and Darcy Johnson   On Friday, the 8th February 2019 the year 12 A Level geography students went to the Rhyd-y-Creuau Field centre in Snowdonia. It was a 5-day trip to collect data to prepare for our compulsory personal investigation known as the NEA (Non-Examined […]

Mattias and Eloise Blog about the amazing Iceland Geography Trip.

Iceland 2018 During the Autumn half term, a group of 57 year 11 Geographers had the amazing opportunity to go on a ge-ographically filled tour of Iceland’s south coast to see its many amazing sights, giving us also fascinating in-formation and insights into the GCSE modules we are studying. Day 1 – 31st October 2018 […]

Howard blogs about the recent Typhoon that hit Hong Kong.

The Strongest Typhoon that Hong Kong ever had Super Typhoon (Category 3) Mangkuht has just hit Hong Kong on Sunday (16/09/2018) in the morning in Hong Kong time. Although it is not the strongest typhoon in the western Pacific ever, it damaged Hong Kong very badly. Mangkhut has skirted 100km to the south of Hong […]

Is it possible to manipulate the weather?

  Talvin Gill Year 10 For my scholars’ talk I decided to talk about if it was possible to manipulate the weather and more specifically if it is possible to prevent rain or on the other hand is it possible to induce rain. Nevertheless, when I thought of what I wanted to talk about a […]