Proto-feminism in Chaucer and Webster: The Rob Worrall Talk

Proto-feminism in Chaucer and Webster: The Rob Worrall Talk   This talk was a huge gallimaufry (a jumble or medley of things – a word we learnt on the day!) with Rob Worrall, a literary enthusiast and an old-school eccentric with a huge wealth of knowledge from his 30-year teaching career. On Tuesday 2nd July […]

Rosie Harvey discusses Dracula and Duality.

Duality in Dracula and the other Gothic Texts Throughout history, duality has evolved, changed and regressed with the events of the time and the social setting of the reader. Texts from the Victorian era such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein highlight the transition from a society mainly basing their beliefs in religion […]

Rosie Harvey blogs on #MeToo: Women and the The Duchess of Malfi

‘#MeToo: Women and The Duchess of Malfi’ Lecture:   On Thursday evening, SES Sixth Form English Literature students were treated to a lecture on The Duchess of Malfi by the PhD student Stephanie Collins from the University of Leicester. Stephanie Collins’ main interests lie in medieval literature and history, which was really displayed in her […]

Sam and Harvey blog on Globe Theatre Workshop

After studying Romeo and Juliet in class and researching a brief history of the Globe Theatre, the year nine pupils embarked on an English outing to London. An early meet time (7:00) meant that we had plenty of time to travel to London. After the uneventful journey, we walked a short way along the Thames […]

Rosie blogs on the importance of language in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

How does Shakespeare make Act 1 Scene 1 of ‘The Tempest’ an effective opening to the play? Look closely at how Shakespeare uses language.   An audience attending what they thought to be a romantic and light-hearted play would have been shocked by the violent and dramatic nature of the opening scene of the Tempest. […]

Robert blogs The Inspector Calls Theatre Trip.

On Tuesday 25thSeptember, a group of English literature students from years 10 and 11 travelled to Cambridge to see J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. To see the play on stage as opposed to on paper is vitally important for a student’s understanding, and this excellent production surpassed all its expectations. That was the second time […]

Kasia blogs an exquisite description of Çavuşin

In a Turkish desert scorched by sun, planted into the sand and resembling as sandcastle made by God himself, sits dusty little Çavuşin. The anthill turrets point to the azure sky, made by the same dust that they sit upon. Idyllic, sequestered streets wind around the towers like a boa constrictor around its prey. At […]

James and Teddy blog trip to Stratford

Year 7 blog their English trip to Stratford!   The Workshop: The first activity of our day in Stratford was a workshop on “The Tempest” with our instructor Robin from the RSC. We started with some warm-ups to get us moving. Next we had to embody a monster in groups of 5. We had to […]