Lottie Pike discusses the importance of diversity

The importance of encouraging and supporting diversity in schools “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive” – Mahatma Gandhi Why is diversity important in a society? Diversity is an integral part of any community – it is vital in helping us to develop, both as individuals and as a society, and its […]

Darcey Sharpe asks if ‘Little Women’ is a feminist novel?

Is Little Women, by Louisa Alcott, a feminist novel? “Little Women” is a classic novel written by Louisa Alcott, which is based on her own experiences. As she grew up with three sisters, I would say that the novel is very realistic as it is known for presenting many of her personal viewpoints and is […]

La importancia de los sitios históricos en nuestra sociedad by Lottie Pike

La importancia de los sitios históricos en nuestra sociedad. Es muy importante que preservemos nuestro patrimonio para el futuro para mantener la historia de países de todo el mundo – el patrimonio de un país hace la cultura no solo más interesante y más rica, sino también más variada. Sin los sitios históricos, el pasado […]

Pippa Bradshaw explains the history of British Feminism

The History of British Feminism Feminism is now generally used to describe the movement for gender equality. However, historically it focused on the inequalities between men & women.Mary Wollstonecraft is often seen as the Grandmother of British Feminism and was famous for her book The Vindication of the Rights of Woman which she wrote in […]

Mollie Bicknell explains why speaking english means we are doomed!

Why speaking English means we are doomed! For those who don’t speak English as a native language, they are often required to learn English as it is the most widely spoken languages and provides them with more opportunities. As English is so widely spoken, being a native English speaker means we can generally operate without […]