The choice is yours – an original poem by Amelia Callun

The choice is yours

A path is laid out ahead,

It forks before your feet

A decision filled with dread,

Uncertain of what you’ll meet.

I didn’t know just what to be

For Halloween this year.

I thought about an alien,

But chose a buccaneer.

A game full of chance,

Of many hidden pit falls.

To find the one,

Do you risk losing it all?

I shifted to a Skeleton

And then to Frankenstein,

But thought it would be most unique to be a porcupine.

Choices never easy to make,

Fog seems to cloud your way.

You fear making a mistake,

Of gambling and losing the day.

‘Enough’s Enough!’ My mother said

‘Your list goes on and on!

You need to make a choice 

Before my sanity is gone’.

But life is full of hard choices,

And risk is part of the game.

Be brave, ignore doubting voices,

Make choice, life won’t be the same.

And so, I came up with

A very clever compromise:

I’m a super-hero-cowboy-ghost

With glowing spider eyes.