Ruby Joyce blogs her new poem – Hagfish


I am a hagfish,

I am the greatest creator of slime

I prefer not to fight a fish with a fine tail swish

Though the taste of it would be sublime!

I eat within the hollow bellies of the beasts

These creatures are quite the feast

I know my favourite dish

Small worms and fish

Sadly fellow ocean dwellers did not get their final wish

As I can secrete my debilitating slime

(This is my trick you see)

To ensure I am the victor of the bottom of the festering sea.


I am a hagfish,

I am wrinkled and pale

Arrow tipped on both ends

Yet I am grey and red like fine ale.

I twist and turn into knots

(This is my go to stratagem when I cannot snot).

I live in the darkness 5,000 feet below

But that is where my banquet lays so I must go.


They call me the slime snake, slime eel or slug

But that is not my name

I am the splendid Hagfish

And I will eat any creature dead or alive in order to survive!