Rory blogs his poem: 2021 – A fresh start

2021 – A fresh new start 

 By Rory Cullen – Y8


C for close contacts of COVID 19, 

O is for Outbreak, because that’s what we’ve seen, 

V is for virus, a tiny living thing, 

I for immunity, which 2021 will bring, 

D for disease, no more ‘19’ for us, 

We’ve all had enough, it’s just been such a fuss, 

now to look forward and start a New Year, 

S is for strong, in your mind no more fear, 

M is for the miracles discovered through science, 

I for injection, and a show of defiance, 

L is life, it’s our duty to preserve, 

E for endurance, a positive future we deserve. 


Keep smiling, stay strong and believe this will end, 

I’m here if you need me, to talk to a friend.