Our Head Boy, Fergus Cato, shares his Lockdown Blog

Lockdown Blog


At 15:15 on Wednesday June 17th finished my A levels. The day consisted of two exams, Chemistry in the morning followed by Maths in the afternoon as my last exam as a school pupil. However, this of course did not happen. These past 3 months have been completely different to how I ever imagined they would be. The past 2 years of my school life had been building up to these exams, but within the space of 3 days in March my cohort had finished school and were no longer sitting exams. My time inside the Stamford bubble had abruptly come to an end. Since year 1, at just the age of 5, I have been a member of the Endowed Schools and now I sit back reflecting on how lucky I have been.

Throughout my time at the schools I have been fortunate enough to represent the Spede Bird quite literally across the world. I have played rugby in New Zealand, experienced the culture of Sri Lanka and visited the battlefields of Belgium to name but a few. I went on these trips with great friends many of which I am sure I will be in contact with for life. However, there have of course been many great experiences and memories made much closer to home.


During this lockdown period I have been fortunate enough to find a job through which I have learnt a completely different skillset. I am working for a garden landscaping company and assisting in tasks such as laying patios, installing fencing and basic masonry. Having no prior knowledge made this a real challenge to start with, for example if had you asked me what floor screeding was only 12 weeks ago I would not have had a clue! I think I am learning valuable life skills and although this situation is far from ideal, I would like to believe I am making the best of it.

Looking ahead, this pandemic has given me food for thought about my future and what my plans are for the next few years. I was planning to go and had a place at Bath University where I was to read Maths and Economics. However, the current climate has led me to reconsider and I am taking a year out in which I will be a gap student at a local prep school.

This period has been tough for everyone but to see the great work of fellow Stamfordians on social media or the hard-working DT department producing masks is great. It shows the unity of our community along with demonstrating the resilience that is found amongst all Stamfordians. +Christ Me Spede+