Chase Burgess: Lockdown Blog

My alarm clock is currently obsolete. There is no time restraints to my day. I therefore woke at my leisure.

After breakfast I took on the Andy Murray 100 volley challenge with both of my parents. Before lunch mum and I continued to take advantage of the glorious weather in the garden whilst my dad worked and my sister slept-oblivious to the sunshine. Later, I embraced physical exercises and went on to experiment with artwork.

Prior to dinner I tackled the long-lost puzzle-the Rubiks cube. After tea I anticipate games and a film, which have now become our regular family evening.

As much as I miss my friends, activities and school life I feel there is a positive in this awful pandemic. This is family time and until we return to normality we should all enjoy this aspect as we will soon be back to mum and dad rushing us here and there with jam packed days and weekends.