Samuel Hughes reflects on interviewing the local candidates for the recent General Election.

Recent Interviews With local Candidates- By Samuel Hughes

Over the last few weeks I had the pleasure of meeting 3 of 4 candidates for the Stamford and Grantham constituency standing for their respective parties in the upcoming General Election. Everyone I spoke to was clearly passionate about their believes and as Gareth Davies the Conservative MP said, “Whilst we all believe in different things, we are all doing what we believe is right”.

First I met with Harrish Bisnauthsing, the Liberal Democrats candidate; he spoke well about mental health and pledged to make young people’s mental health a priority, stating all young people should get support for their mental health as soon as they need it. He also spoke with passion regarding our environment; making me aware of the fact he planted 4 trees the day of the interview. However when talking about Brexit he said he would back a second referendum, contrasting his parties pledge to revoke article 50.

Following on from that I spoke to Anne Gayfer, the Green Party candidate. Ms Gayfer played a considerable part in authoring the Green Party manifesto and believes that something radical needs to be done in order to save our planet from the crisis it is in. She talked about changing the transport system. She also mentioned legalising drugs, such as Cannabis.

Finally, I spoke to Gareth Davies the Conservative candidate. He seemed assured about his manifesto and parties plans.  He supported local businesses. However when asked about Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal I inferred he felt a hint of compromise.

With the voting patterns of this constituency, it is most likely we will see Gareth Davies representing us in parliament. What will be interesting to see is how the percentage of votes may change in favour of other parties and what this will mean for our constituency in the future.